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Our Philosophy

Each of our attorneys has their own strengths and particular areas of practice, yet our true strength as a firm lies in the fact that we always pull together as a team to support one another. Most of our lawyers share a common military background, having served in the U.S. Marine Corps. This common background influences the operation of our law firm and the resulting esprit de corps reinforces our team approach to our law practice. The outcome? Better service and positive results for our clients.

At Campbell & Bissell, we stay on the cutting edge of legal technology in case preparation, trial presentation, and office management, enabling our firm to compete effectively against large firms with overhead but at a more manageable, affordable cost to the client. We also offer a variety of alternative fee arrangements to meet your company’s litigation budget and help you resolve your matter in the most cost-effective manner. In Spokane and beyond, contact Campbell & Bissell, PLLC for quality, professional assistance with your business and commercial legal needs.

Let our trial experience keep you out of court.